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Wet Basement Services offers comprehensive waterproofing for you homes basement and foundation.

Keeping an eye on our foundations and basements here in the Pacific Northwest is an important part of home maintenance due to the moisture.  Prevention is far more economical that repair and some preventative measures can save money in the long run. Often overlooked, waterproofing is a common maintenance service which prolongs the life of masonry work by minimizing exposure to water and the damages water can cause.  It is most important because, if forgotten, many serious issues and problems can occur which can expose you to health hazards and cost you thousands of dollars. 

Wet Basement Services ensures proper waterproofing for new and existing masonry (residential or commercial) with top of the line products.  Waterproofed masonry walls shed the water from wind driven rains, instead of absorbing it.  Any porous masonry surface (Brick, Block, and Limestone) will benefit from waterproofing.

Preventative waterproofing maintenance:

  • Stem Walls
  • Concrete Floors
  • Basement Walls and Floors
  • Garages and Driveways